Pierre Daavid
Founder / Director

Pierre Daavid’s journey started in Santa Barbara, California in 1976, where he studied Shiatsu, Polarity, different forms of yoga and nutrition. In 1980, Pierre lived for two years in Ottawa where he committed himself to the study of Kundalini yoga.

In 1983, Pierre sustained a serious back injury where constant Chiropractic treatment proved ineffective.  This pushed Pierre to seek another way to heal. Two years later, Pierre came across the work of Stanley Burroughs, the creator of the Vita Flex technique, an advanced form of Reflexology.

After a single treatment from a student of Stanley Burroughs, his hip was aligned. This was the first glimpse of hope Pierre has had for a long time. As a result, he decided to study Vita Flex with Stanley Burroughs himself. In 1988, Pierre Daavid graduated from Stanley Burroughs School in Newcastle, California, where he obtained a diploma in Vita Flex, Colour Therapy and Nutrition. Despite improved body alignment, the pain persisted.

Since 1988, Pierre has built on Vita Flex and developed his own method, Vita Flex Therapy. Through  Vita Flex Therapy, Pierre has been free of back pain for the last 25 years. Vita Flex Therapy treats a problem at the source and allows for profound and positive changes. It achieves integral body realignment, and has been particularly successful for treating chronic back pain.  Pierre has worked and helped hundreds of others that have given up all hope of ever getting better. In a comparatively short time, Vita Flex Therapy gave them relief from pain and freedom of movement.

Vita Flex Therapy targets and assists with:
All types of back pain.
Shoulder and joint problems.
It is also effective for headaches, migraines, fatigue and stress in Vita Flex Brisbane.

In addition, Vita Flex Therapy will assist in the recovery from problems of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, urinary and reproductive systems.

Pierre has taught his method in Canada and Australia for 15 years.
Vita Flex Therapy is also knowed in Australia as Daavid Therapy.


Arm and Scapula Reflex Points

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Spinal Nerve Reflex Points

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Ear Reflex Points

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Feet Reflex Points

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Front Body Reflex Points

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Hand Reflex Points

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Leg and Iliac Bone Reflex Points

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Face Reflex Points

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Vita Flex Therapy is a unique synthesis of ancient and modern knowledge from around the world. Vita Flex Therapy works fast and its therapeutic power is extensive.
1-Vita Flex Therapy and the holographic principle
Vita Flex Therapy is based on a ancient Indian principle that the body is contained within each of its part. It is also a modern scientific model called the holographic principle. Have you ever seen a hologram? It is a three dimensional photo. You can actually walk around it. In an accident a technician broke a hologram negative, to his surprise he discovered that each broken piece contained the whole three dimensional picture. Looking closer he also discovered that each contained different minute details of the hologram. Example: Imagine a three dimensional picture of a face. A fragment of the broken negative would contain more details of the wrinkle around the eyes, while another fragment would contain more details of hair and so on.

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