“As a practising Reflexologist, I have found the Pierre Daavid Method of Integrated Reflexology takes reflexology into another dimension altogether. It is truly an advance method of therapy which has proved amazing results, both to myself and my clients.”

Doreen McAfee, Reflexologist

Pierre Daavid’s hands-on method of teaching is thorough, builds one’ s confidence and at the same time is fun. The notes and course diagrams are extremely well researched and will be a valuable reference in the future. I am now using Integrated Reflexology in my clinic with excellent results. My own conditions of back and neck pain, dropped arch and bunion were given attention during the course and have all greatly improved. I have enjoyed the course immensely and look forward to learning Integrated Reflexology level 3.”

Cheryl Gurnet, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist

“I completed the course of Integrated Reflexology 5 years ago in Montreal, Canada, and have been working full-time with it since. It’s by far the most effective bodywork technique I’ve seen or worked with. What I love most is seeing people get deep-relief even after many years of pain.”

Alison Brazier, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist

“I have not even completed the course and I was able to help my 93 year old mother regain her speech after she suffered a mild stroke. It only took three treatments. A very enlightening course! It’s much broader and more advanced than anything I have seen previously.”

Ethel Spann, Registered nurse, Reflexologist

“I found it to be an excellent course. Pierre is a great teacher. We have a lot of fun. It’s great!
I feel like I can really help others now. And, I also got relief from developing arthritis in my fingers. My mother has it and I thought I’d end up in pain like her. But after a short time into the course, the pain has gone.”

Bev Sotiriou, Restaurant Owner