“Because of Integrated Reflexology I can honestly say that I had total relief from my back pain… absolutely no pain after ten years of trouble! I used to find it hard to bend forward before, now I can touch my toes. The treatment was really comfortable and I enjoyed the variety of different reflex points massaged.”

Robin Taylor, 35
Teacher, Eatons Hill, BRISBANE.

“Integrated Reflexology is much more advanced and beneficial than any other treatment I have had, including Reflexology. My GP can’t understand how my neck condition has improved without the surgery he suggested. Integrated Reflexology also relieved my wife of sciatic nerve pain in only three treatments. It’s very safe. All you feel is gentle rubbing.”

Ron Goeldner
President Queensland Allergy and Hyperactivity Association.


“In 1995 I was hit by a car and broke my back. For several years I saw a number of medical experts – physios, doctors, orthopedic specialists etc.. But to no avail …actually my body seemed to be shutting down. I couldn’t run, ride, swim, even walk or sit without pain. It was constant- 24 hours a day. I fell into depression. At my wits end I tried Integrated Reflexology
The first thing that I noticed was a shift in mood. The depression lifted and I had a heightened ability to ‘cope’ with work demands. I can happily say that because of Integrated Reflexology I am now managing my back pain very well, thank you. Just the other day I ran for 15 minutes for the first time in 4 years!”

Sharee Verdon, 31
Teacher Nundah, Brisbane


“I have just returned from a great afternoon of tennis with my husband and am thoroughly astounded at the increase in his physical capacity. The improvement in his body after only a few sessions of Integrated Reflexology is truly amazing. After almost 20 years of lower back, hip and knee problems it is obvious that Integrated Reflexology can produce remarkable results. Once again, thankyou…”

Anne Basel,
Clinical Pilate’s Instructor, Dance Teacher, Melany, Queensland.

“I have Atopic Dermatitis[Eczma], and the treatments definitely relieved the symptoms. There was less severity and less itching. Integrated Reflexology put me in a mindset of being more aware of what was happening with my health. I thoroughly enjoyed every treatment, and ten months after my last treatment I feel much better than before I started.”

Keren Summerson, 26
Pilot Yeronga, Queensland.