Course recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapist

Level 2 Integrated Reflexology course is supported with a highly detailed reference manual and workbook.

The systems

In level 1 you have learnt the technique to give a general treatment.
In level 2 you will learn different techniques to target the body systems.
Through these techniques the effect of Integrated Reflexology on the patient will be multiplied by many factors.
You will also learn the body mind of each system.

Technique for the body systems:

Chapter 1 – The endocrine and nervous system
Chapter 2 – The musculoskeletal system
Chapter 3 – The digestive system
Chapter 4 – The respiratory system
Chapter 5 – The circulatory system
Chapter 6 – The lymphatic system, the immune system and the blood
Chapter 7 – The urinary system and reproductive system
Chapter 8 – The special senses i.e. seeing and hearing
Chapter 9 – The integument system

Working the body systems with the Integrated Reflexology  method of filing

You will learn through a structured filing system to work the different body system. And you will be able to structure your approach and target to the need of the patient.

Integrated Reflexology Level 2 clinical workshop

Clinical workshop on the musculoskeletal system

You will give 5 treatments to 2 individuals with conditions of the musculoskeletal system. In a supervised environment you will establish a structured plan to target the specific needs of the patient.

Filing system for the musculoskeletal system – 5hrs
Treatment for the musculoskeletal system – 10hrs

Clinical work on the body systems

You will give 5 treatments to 2 individuals.
In a supervised environment, you will select the appropriate system
treatment for each individual.

You will establish a plan for the person’s conditions.
Filing system for the selected treatment – 5hrs
Application of the selected treatment – 10hrs